Are you fed up with people vandalising your One Way Vision signage?  We have a vandal-proof solution.  It is called RetailVue.

How does RetailVue prevent vandalism?  RetailVue is applied to the interior side of windows.  Normal perforated film can only be mounted to the exterior side of a window, where people can vandalise the graphic.  However, RetailVue is designed to be applied inside, where it cannot be vandalised from the outside.

As RetailVue has no adhesive, it is mounted to a window by laminating the double sided optically clear adhesive mounting film OtpiTape.  


Besides being vandal proof, RetailVue has many other benefits you may be interested to know.   

  • Recyclable - RetailVue is PVC free, made from a polyester.  After the campaign has finished, dispose the film into a recycle bin.
  • Slow to fade.
  • Easy to apply - does not rip, tear or stretch.
  • Economical solution for interior mounted One Way Vision - overprinting with white and black ink is not required.
  • Efficiently utilises the window for advertising, without blocking the view.
  • Besides windows, it can be used as a banner, such as 3m x 1m eyeletted banner or as a pull up banner in a stand.  Has the advantage of lots of little holes to allow air to flow through, and allows people to see through the banner from one side, not obstructing their view.


Even though a matching laminate is not applicable for RetailVue, as it is interior mounted, there is a matching mount tape/film, which is OptiTape.  It is important the matching mounting film is used, as it bonds RetailVue to the glass surface.  An incorrect mounting film will have different thermal contraction and expansion rates to the perforated film and possibly the wrong type of adhesive.  OptiTape's adhesive will not go milky when exposed to water, which is used during installation.


Primary Locations
  • Shop and office windows
  • Glass doors
  • Point of purchase/sale (POP/POS) areas
Other Locations
  • Retail aisles, as a suspended banner, either eyeletted, framed or top/bottom clasps
  • Events, as a pull up/retractable banner in stand

Please be aware that the colours of the printed image on the film maybe affected by the colour and intensity of any window tinting present on the window. Also be aware that an interior mounted film does not reduce glass reflections.


RetailVue is a polyester PET perforated window film.  It is white on the printable side and white on the other side. Being white on both sides is the main difference with BannerVue.  Some retailers and centre managements have specified that One Way Vision needs to be white on both sides. 

RetailVue has a 1.5mm perforation hole.  For every square metre of film, 30% of the film has been perforated.  The combination of 1.5mm hole size and 30% perforation pattern gives RetailVue a high level of vibrancy and contrast of printed images, which is needed as many building windows are tinted and reflect really well.  RetailVue is available in 1370mm width roll.  The liner is single layer translucent white PET, which is only printable in the solvent and latex machines.  


For RetailVue, we recommend the following:

  • Laminate permanent adhesive side of OptiTape to RetailVue print side.
  • Cover the entire RetailVue graphic with OptiTape. 
  • Wet apply to a window using plain water.  Do not mix with detergent.


RetailVue is available in Australia through all of our authorised distributors.  To specify RetailVue for your project, please use one of the following specification clauses:

For building windows/doors:  Clear Focus One Way Vision RetailVue SL + OptiTape

For banners:  Clear Focus One Way Vision RetailVue SL



CFOWV RetailVue SL Data Sheet.pdf CFOWV RetailVue SL Data Sheet.pdf
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