EnviroVue is revolutionary and innovative, taking One Way Vision to the next level.  EnviroVue is PVC free and recyclable.

This film is economical and installs are fast and cost effective.  EnvioVue cannot rip or tear, does not shrink or stretch.  Tough as nails.  It is also environmentally friendly and PVC free.  How does it achieve all of this?  It is made from a semi-rigid material called polyester.  Normal perforated One Way Vision films are made from PVC which is flexible and pliable.  Polyester does not have the issues associated with PVC, such as shrinking, stretching, curling.  Therefore, when installing onto a window, the film immediately takes to the window with little effort on the part of the installer.  


Besides being fast to install, EnviroVue has many other benefits you may be interested to know.   

  • Recyclable - EnviroVue is PVC free, made from a polyester.  After the campaign has finished, dispose the film as per local recycling programs.  
  • Easy to apply - even for novices, does not rip, tear or stretch.
  • Easy to line up graphics across multiple windows - does not stretch as liner is removed.
  • Risk free - edges will not curl, film will not shrink overtime.
  • Life cycle costs are significantly less due to less labour required for installation.
  • Efficiently utilises the window for advertising, without blocking the view.

Where to Apply?

Primary Locations
  • CBD ground level building windows where fast installation is required
  • Corporate and franchised businesses that are required to comply with environmental directions
  • Shops and offices windows and glass entry/exit doors
  • Retail point of purchase/sale
Other Locations
  • Mass transit (bus, tram, train) side windows, where high volume of windows are required to be installed in short time frames
  • When a campaign must be installed urgently


Matching laminate for EnviroVue is EnviroLam.




Backing Liner



Hole Size



Ink Compatibility

1370mm wide: GVUL50

Solvent polyacrylate removable transparent adhesive

Universal Liner

PET matt

30% open, 70% closed


120 microns

3+ years

Solvent, UV-Cure


For EnviroVue, we recommend the following:

  • Do not leave on the printer after printing, both the printed and unprinted portions.
  • Laminate with EnviroLam.
  • When transporting, roll with printed graphic facing outwards no tighter than 150mm diameter. 
  • Dry apply to clean window.




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