We believe in our products and our work.  We also believe warranties should be simple to understand, provide extensive coverage and are no fuss to claim.  To compare our warranty against the others, please read the document Warranty ComparisonWe were surprised at how little warranty coverage some of our competitors offer and the immense difficulty to claim.  This is where we are very different.  Our warranty is simple, extensive, no fuss and no hassle to claim.  

We use commercial grade quality materials and industry best practice in manufacturing and supply of our goods.  All our products carry a 12 month manufacturer defect free warranty from date of purchase. 

For Australian based customers, please read our Australian Warranty Statement to see what you are covered for.  For New Zealand based customers, please read our New Zealand Warranty Statement to see what you are covered for.

If an issue arises, please contact the sign writer who supplied the film.  For sign writers, please complete the Product Issue Form and forward to the distributor you purchased the film from.  Please provide close up photos of the issue and photos showing the whole window/s.

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