We are here to support you with all your inquiries prior to purchase and after purchase.  You may find the information you are looking for in one of the sections below.  Click on the name of the section to open the page for further details. The scope and depth of our support is another reason why our One Way Vision films are a great choice.

If you looking to submit a request for the ExitVue Certificate Label, please click here.

Questions and Answers

The Q and A page has answers to the common questions.  If your question is not listed, you may find the information you are seeking in the next section below, Information Guides. Please click here for the Q & A page.

Tips and Techniques

Sometimes a little help can go a long way.  Asking a mate might be convenient but is it correct and useful?  Do you really want to risk the job to second hand or third party myths?  Having the right answer direct from the manufacturer/importer, can lead you to success. We have many top handy tips and practical techniques to help you get the best results for your One Way Vision job or project. Please click here for key do's and don'ts.

Information Guides

We have a library of documents providing detailed information on a range of One Way Vision topics.  Such as key do's and don'ts (General Instructions), Selecting the right film, Artwork, Profiling and Printing, Drying, Laminating, Storing and Transporting, Installing and Caring for One Way Vision. Please click here to access the information guides.

Technical Data Sheets

If you need to get into the "nitty gritty" for any of the films, then you will love this section.  Each film has a technical data sheet, containing important information about the technical aspects of the material, adhesive and liner.  This is important for project managers, printers and installers. Please click here to access the technical data sheets.

Support Request

If after reading all the information in the documents for the above sections, you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to complete the Product Issue Form and email it to us.  

Product Status

The supply status for each product can change from time to time.  Authorised Clear Focus One Way Vision distributors may access the Product Status web page using their login credentials.  


Clear Focus One Way Vision warranty is simple to understand, extensive in coverage and fair when assessing warranty requests. Our 12 month warranty covers manufacturing defects in the film, adhesive and liner, irrespective where you are in Australia or New Zealand.  We do not discriminate against the type of ink, printer machine, printed, not laminated, angled glass, curved glass, outdoors - unlike other manufacturers who do.  To compare our warranty against the others, please read the document Warranty Comparison.  To view the warranty in full, please click here.

Our warranty is another reason why our One Way Vision films are a great choice.

If you require further support, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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