SuperVue is one of the flag ship products in the range.  It's versatility and quality is unsurpassed of any perforated pressure sensitive vinyl in the market.  SuperVue is a Clear Focus film, with every aspect truly engineered.  From the backing release liner, adhesive, perforation pattern and film substrate, all have been designed and tested to meet demanding environmental, printing and application standards.  

Such as the 2mm hole size.  After extensive research and development, Clear Focus determined that a perforation size of 2mm is required to prevent rain from beading in the holes by facilitating the water in running down the film and off the bottom edge.  This is an important attribute because there are many inherent issues when water remains in the holes.  Such as significantly reducing the view-ability of the film when looking out from inside the room. 

SuperVue's larger hole size makes it ideal for large-scale outdoor advertising, particularly building wraps, as the rain cannot stay in the hole and runs down the window, allowing tenants to maintain their high rise views. SuperVue can also be used on rear windows of vehicles. Not suitable for use on bus side windows or other vehicle applications with a very close viewing distance (ClassicVue is recommended in such cases).

Due to the considerable amount of plasticisers in the film, it is very flexible.  This makes it ideally suited to highly curved rear windscreens.  In addition, the extra flexibility makes it very simple to install, which is ideal for novices and people learning application techniques and methods.  


Matching overlaminate is Clear Focus CurvaLamFor passenger cars, we strongly recommend to overlaminate, so that the driver can continue to have an unobstructed view out through the rear windscreen when it rains.  


Primary Locations
  • Car rear and side windows (behind the driver)
  • Multi-story buildings (entire building wraps, on windows only)
Other Locations
  • Van/ute windows
  • Truck/tractor windows
  • Shop windows including retail and commercial signage
  • Convention centres, airport windows
  • Internal and external office glass walls
  • Any other large format window graphics for transparent surfaces


SuperVue is a polymeric calendered PVC perforated window film.  It is white on the printable side and black on the adhesive side.  SuperVue has a 2mm perforation hole, which is the largest hole size in our range.  For every square metre of film, 50% of the film has been perforated.  The combination of 2mm hole size and 50% perforation pattern gives SuperVue a high Visible Light Transmittance value (36.8%).  This means that it provides the excellent "see-through" property for the driver of a vehicle.  

SuperVue is available in 1370mm width roll.  SuperVue is only available on a dual layer plastic/paper liner, which is printable in the solvent, latex and UV-cure ink printing machines.  


For SuperVue, we recommend the following:

  • Apply to vehicle rear windscreens, do not apply to side windows;
  • Apply to vertical or near vertical rear windscreens, do not apply if angled below 55 degrees;
  • Apply to windscreens that have not been tinted;
  • Laminate with CurvaLam if applied to a car.  
  • Follow our general instructions.


SuperVue is available in Australia through all of our authorised distributors.  To specify SuperVue for your project, please use one of the following specification clauses:

For Vehicles:  Clear Focus SuperVue + Clear Focus CurvaLam 

For Buildings:  Clear Focus SuperVue 



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