PromoVue is a real gem.  It is very popular with advertisers, such as car dealerships, franchised businesses and other show room type windows, because printed graphics and images are more vibrant than any other perforated One Way Vision film in the range.  Get your advertisement noticed and seen.  

PromoVue also has been tested for a fire rating.  Great news is that PromoVue is not ignitable, another reason why our films are a great choice for your next project. 

PromoVue is also ideal and legal for use on goods carrying vehicles, such as vans and utes.  When laminated with CurvaLam, the branding images will continue to look new and fresh for the lease period of the vehicle.


Matching overlaminate is Clear Focus CurvaLamFor goods carrying vehicles such as vans and utes, we strongly recommend to overlaminate, to keep the image fresh looking for the life of the graphic and for the driver to continue to have an unobstructed view out through the rear windscreen when it rains.

Where to Apply?

Primary Locations
  • Shops and offices windows and glass entry/exit doors
  • Vans and utes (only on windows behind the driver)
  • Trains
Other Locations
  • Ambulances, agriculture and military vehicles
  • PromoVue is an exterior-mount window graphics intended for intermediate term applications, such as retail and commercial window signage. 


PromoVue is a polymeric calendered PVC perforated window film.  It is white on the printable side and black on the adhesive side.  PromoVue has a 1.5mm perforation hole.  For every square metre of film, 40% of the film has been perforated, leaving 60% of the vinyl for ink reception. 

The combination of 1.5mm hole size and 60/40 perforation pattern makes PromoVue the ideal film for advertisers, as there is more vinyl than holes.  With more vinyl, that means more ink can be laid down and therefore the printed image is more vibrant, compared to perforated vinyls that have a higher percentage of vinyl perforated.    

PromoVue is available in 1370mm and 1520mm width rolls.  There is a choice of two liners.  Universal Liner, which is printable in the solvent, latex and UV-cure ink printing machines.  Alternatively, PromoVue is also available in the SL liner, which is only printable in the solvent and latex machines.  The SL liner is a single layer paper liner, which is more suited to the heat in latex printers and for demanding installation environments where installers require fast removal the liner.

If you are new to applying One Way Vision to building windows, we suggest Clear Focus ClassicVue, as it is more flexible, more tolerant and forgiving of non-restrictive processes, making it easier to apply.


For PromoVue, we recommend the following:

  • If applied to van or ute rear windscreen, laminate with CurvaLam;
  • Follow our general instructions.


PromoVue is available through all of our Australian distributors and New Zealand distributors.  To specify PromoVue for your project, please use one of the following specification clauses:

Clear Focus One Way Vision PromoVue Universal Liner 

Clear Focus One Way Vision PromoVue SL



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