The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) is requiring all Australian state and territory road and transport departments, when inspecting buses, including coaches and mini-buses, that they ensure the perforated vinyl film installed on certain emergency exit windows comply with the relevant legislation and regulations governing this area.  In this instance, it is the Australian Design Rules (ADR) 44 and 58.  In addition, the NHVR have written an inspection manual and vehicle standards guide for the government departments to follow. 

Essentially, the road/transport inspectors will be requiring from the bus company (that is, the bus owner or operator) to submit the evidence the perforated film has been tested by an appropriately qualified independent certifier.  The tests must verify for the type of emergency exits on the bus with the fitted perforated film comply with the applicable ADRs.

Clear Focus One Way Vision sent ExitVue to an unrestricted licensed vehicle certifier to conduct these tests.  The tests confirmed that ExitVue when fitted to an emergency exit window in accordance to our instructions, comply with ADRs 44 and 58.  

We recommend applying ExitVue on all bus windows, in accordance with the regulations, so that the same hole size and perforation pattern is consistent across all bus windows.  In addition, this also ensures ExitVue is applied to the emergency exit.  If a different perforated film was used for the other non-emergency exits, there is a possibility the installer may accidentally install it also on an emergency exit, resulting in non-compliance.  To avoid this scenario, apply ExitVue to all bus windows that require One Way Vision. 

Please note, using standard industry application techniques for applying perforated vinyl to windows is not enough to gain compliance, even if ExitVue was installed.  It is vital that our ExitVue procedures are followed, to ensure the bus is accepted for compliance.  These procedures are available for download from the Supportpage.


Do not overlaminate emergency exit windows, as this may void the compliance and prevent the successful use of the exit window in an emergency.  


Primary Locations
  • Emergency exit "break glass" windows on road-based mass transit vehicles, such as buses, coaches
Other Locations
  • Windows behind the driver on buses and coaches




Backing Liner



Hole Size



Ink Compatibility

1370mm wide: EXGL50SL
1520mm wide: EXGL5060SL

Solvent polyacrylate removable transparent adhesive

Solid Liner

Calendered polymeric PVC

50% open, 50% closed


150 microns

3+ years

Solvent, Latex


For ExitVue, we recommend the following:

  • Apply to side and rear windows behind the driver, not just the emergency exit window;
  • Follow our ExitVue Procedures, such as cutting a grid pattern and sending us the job details so we can issue a compliance certificate;
  • Do not laminate ;
  • When installing onto a bus, follow our ExitVue Install Instructions.
  • After installation, request the ExitVue Certificate Label.
  • Refer to the Support Page for ExitVue documents and certificate form



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