About US

Clear Focus One Way Vision Pty Ltd is an importer of perforated vinyl films for the Australian and New Zealand markets.  We import from Clear Focus Imaging Inc and other manufacturers.  

CLEAR FOCUS Imaging is the pioneer and global leader in perforated window graphics solutions. The company has played a pivotal role in transforming the advertising industry with its innovative products. CLEAR FOCUS has been at the forefront in opening up premium promotional space with window films compatible with conventional and emerging print technologies.

As the name suggests, we focus on quality. Our experienced team consistently go the extra mile to deliver the highest quality products and service that customers deserve. 

CLEAR FOCUS Imaging is headquartered in the USA with plants in America, Europe and Asia. Clear Focus One Way Vision Pty Ltd is based on the Gold Coast, Queensland with warehousing in Brisbane and Auckland.  We distribute the films all over Australia and New Zealand through our authorised distributors and resellers, who have a reputation of being the best and have the most integrity in the industry.  

Why is Clear Focus One Way Vision a Great Choice?

Clear Focus One Way Vision is a great choice.  Every step of manufacturing, importing and distributing, great choices are being made for your benefit.  The films, packaging and availability are continuously improving, so that you get high performance and risk free media at a fair price. 

Your customers and business colleagues will congratulate you on making a great choice for printing, installing and using Clear Focus One Way Vision.

  1. Our warranty is genuine, no fuss and nation wide.
  2. Available all around the country by the metre.
  3. Continuous research and development, improvements on current films and new films.
  4. Made in accordance to our specifications using our die tools.
  5. Quality assurance and control checked.
  6. Pre and post sales support, technical and marketing resources, information sheets, training.
  7. Legal, compliant and certified.

By choosing us, you will be rewarded.  Now that's a great choice!  


Clear Focus One Way Vision Pty Ltd has a number of registered Australian trade marks, covering its company name and product names.  Clear Focus Imaging Inc has a number of registered North American and European trade marks covering its company and product names.


All artwork, photos and images are for illustrative and indicative purposes only. The product delivered may vary to what was shown on this web site.

All prices are in Australian dollars and are exclusive of freight and the goods and services tax (GST) unless otherwise specified.

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